Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Half-masting mean?

    Half-masting means lowering of Official flags to half-mast to commemorate special dates such as Remembrance Day or as a measure of respect and condolence when a high profile official passes away.

    Official Flags are half-masted at Toronto City Hall, Metro Hall and Civic Centres, generally until sunset on the day of the funeral or memorial, unless other arrangements have been specified.

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  • What can I do to honour a person, a group or an occasion?

    You can participate in the City of Toronto's Commemorative Tree and Bench Program and purchase a park bench or a tree for installation in a public park.

    Any person wishing to donate a tree or bench in a City park must complete a CT&B; Program Request form from Parks, Forestry, & Recreation at

    The City of Toronto also has a commemorative naming program which pertains to the naming of property or streets. It is bestowed by the City of Toronto to recognize the outstanding service, commitment or contribution of an individual or group. Commemorative naming may be conferred on an organization that has made a substantial donation to the community.

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